Macau Security

Stargate Technology (HK) Co.,Ltd  ─ has established respectively the affiliated company, the office agency and the retail outlet, the agents and the distributors in Hong Kong. Since its establishment, we have quietly committed to continuously improve and innovate the production technology in order to meet the growing market demand for security protection.

1, In the aspects of services: we focus on the home-brand products installation of the closed circuit television system, the access control systems, the electronic alarm systems, the safe maintenance, the Anti-theft security scheme design.

2, Company mission: doing well in the product quality, providing the better quality of service, getting the more satisfactory evaluation from the customers.

3, Company's core team: the technical aspect is composed of the research and development department, the production department, the engineering department, the market research department and the sales department jointly, It is composed of the rich experienced senior engineers, the technologists, the production team, the researcher and the sales staff respectively which have the considerable experience and practice about the market and technology at home and abroad. What lies behind us is that the strong research and development capabilities personnel, the professional design scheme and the product innovation technology supports us all the time to meet the global security needs in various fields.